Testing Capabilities

Accelerated Weathering and Colorfastness to Light

At GPT we can perform a large array of accelerated weathering including Xenon, Fadeometers Exposures (Single Arc and Twin Arc), and Sunshine XW Carbon Arc all with automatic temperature and humidity control, and variable light, dark, and water cycles.  Post exposure evaluations can include visual color evaluations according to AATCC or ISO Gray Scale, Instrumented Colorimetry Evaluations, gloss, haze, and microscopic evaluations.

Environmental Exposure

Environmental exposures involve various adverse conditions including Humidity, Heat Age, Cold Chambers,Environmental Cycles, Salt Spray, Cass, Chemical Resistance, Thermal Shock, Water Immersion, Fungus Resistance, Staining and Cleanability procedures, Crocking, and Fluorescent Sunlamp.

Flammability Testing

GPT is well versed in Flammability testing and is capable of testing to FMVSS302, ISO 3795, ASTM D635 as well as the major automotive test methods.


Services provided to determine Windshield Fogging Characteristics of interior trim materials for motor vehicles. Determinations are made in accordance with the procedures of Chrysler, Ford, General Motors, SAE, ISO, Toyota, DIN, and other automotive Japanese test methods.

Fungus Resistance

Performance of Fungus and Mildew Resistance determinations on wide variety of plastics, textiles, sealants, and parts using various fungus strains in accordance to ASTM G21, MIL-STD-810 Method 508, GMW16124, GMW16128, ISO 846, Mahindra E01 1269, NES M0076 and other methods.

Impact Resistance

GPT is capable of performing several different impacts including Izod, Charpy, Ball Drop, Pendulum, Dart, Falling Weight System, Gardener Impact, Modified Dupont Impact, Instrumented Multi-Axial Impact, Chip Resistance, and Gravelometer. Impacts can be carried out from -40°C to 140°C.

Odor Testing

GPT is capable of performing odor in accordance with all of the major automotive specifications and has a large selection of qualified panelists to perform evaluations.

Physical Testing

GPT can perform a large variety of physical tests including Density, Weight, Friction, Hardness, Heat Deflection Temperature, Low Temperature Brittleness, Melt Flow, Moisture Content, Tensile Properties, Flexural Properties, Compressive Properties, Seam Strength, Stiffness, Shear Strength, Peel Testing, Tear Strength, and abrasion tests including Taber, Gakushin, Martindale, RCA, Falling Sand, Seatbelt, and Wyzenbeek.

Thermal Analysis

GPT has several different pieces of equipment for thermal analysis evaluations including FT-IR, DSC, TGA, TMA, and Shear Modulus. They can be used to determine Melt Point, Glass Transition Temperature, Degree of Cure, Polymer Identification/Characterization, Filler Content, Carbon Black Content, Oxidative Stability, Heat of Fusion/Crystallization, Degree of Crystallinity, Coefficient of Linear Thermal Expansion, and Specific Heat.


Services provided on virgin resin, regrind, and finished parts for the determination of Relative Viscosity and Tests employed for:

  • Quality Control
  • Incoming Inspection
  • Material Approval
  • Failure Analysis
  • Processing Operations