Choosing the right testing facility is crucial

Using our 50 years of experience, we have compiled the most frequently asked questions related to choosing the right testing facility, so that you can determine the right path for your product.

The benefit to outsourcing testing to GPT is that the tests will be conducted by an accredited laboratory in accordance with the specified method.  This can save your company time and money if your lab is not already accredited. 

Yes.  We are willing to work with you to determine the best course of action for all your testing needs.

The majority of the testing that we conduct is on an array of different types of plastics for the automotive industry.  GPT specializes in plastic roll goods, leathers, foam, paints, coatings, plastic material certification, weathering, odor, fogging, and flammability.

A third-party test laboratory is frequently required for PPAP submissions and material certifications.

You can, especially for Research and Development. However, if you plan on submitting test results for PPAP, a third-party independent lab is typically required.

Not always but, most testing for PPAP submission to Automotive OEMs require Accredited labs. GPT has been accredited by A2LA since 1987.

Yes, at GPT your testing is our priority. We will always do our best to expedite your testing, often for no extra charge.

GPT can offer personalized service and coordinate projects within the facility without any unnecessary lengthy delays.

Although the cost of being an ISO 17025 Accredited Lab can be somewhat exorbitant, GPT prides itself on being cost-competitive. We will normally meet or beat our competitor’s price quotes.

We are accredited to perform over 850 test methods. You can find our Scope of Accreditation on https://customer.a2la.org/index.cfm?event=directory.detail&labPID=7B546445-92AE-4439-B358-6E465D87FD37

We can also perform testing to various test methods if Accreditation is not required……just ask.

Quality is our highest priority at GPT. We have been providing testing for our clients for 50 years. Our Management Team leaders average over 30 years of experience in the testing field.

No. GPT specializes in all different kinds of testing including textiles, plastic roll goods, leather, paint, coatings, foam, weathering, odor, fogging and flammability.