Following is a list of miscellaneous specifications that Ghesquiere Plastic Testing, Inc. is able to test to:

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CGD 77-145
PV 3015

BMW GS97038
Burning Behavior to Automotive Interior Trim Materials
California Technical Bulletin 117
Flame Retardance of Resilient Filling Materials Used in Uphostered Furniture (Section A, Part III)
Chinese GB 8410
Flammability of Automotive Interior Materials
Coast Guard Flotation Requirements
Flammability of Interior Materials
FMVSS 209 S5.1 (d)
Seat Belt Assemblies
FTMS 141a-6191
Abrasion Resistance (Falling Sand)
Jaguar Land Rover TPJLR.52.413
Resistance to W-Flex
JIS D0205
Weatherability for Automotive Parts
JIS Z8703
Standard Atmospheric Conditions for Testing
Magna WI-7145
Leather Finish Adhesion
Mazda MES CF050C
Flammability of Interior Parts
Mazda MES MN401
Automotive Use Vinyl Leathers
Mercedes DBL5307.10
Flame Retardant Properties - Interior Materials Requiremens and Test Specifications
MIL STD Environmental Test Methods.
Mitsubishi ES-X60410
Flammability of Interior Materials
Mitsubishi ES-X83217
Polyvinyl Chloride Coated Fabrics and Polyvinyl Chloride Sheet Interior and Exterior
Mitsubishi ES-X83231
Standard Test Method for Fogging of Interior Materials
Tesla TP-0000703
Chemical Resistance of Surfaces
VDA 270
Odour Characteristics of Trim Materials in Motor Vehicles
VDA 230-210
Upholstery Fabric - Hook and Loop Fastener Test
Volkswagen Non-Metallic Materials for Interior Trim Determining Condensable Constituents
Volkswagen PV3905
Oganic Materials - Ball Drop Test
Volkswagen TL1010
Burning Behavior, Material Requirements
Volvo 1024, 3113
Scratch Resistance - Organic Materials
Volvo 1027, 2711
Fogging - Organic Materials (Replaced by STD 420-0003)
Volvo 104-0001
Flammability (Burning Behavior) of Interior Materials
Volvo 429-0001
Odour of Trim Materials in Vehicles