Following is a list of Honda specifications that Ghesquiere Plastic Testing, Inc. is able to test to:

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HES D2008Zinc Aluminum Composite Coating
HES D2500
Resin Materials for Vehicles
HES D2501
ABS Family Resin Materials for Vehicles
HES D2502
PP Resin Materials for Interior and Exterior of Automobiles
HES D6002
General Test Methods for Gasket Materials
HES D6003
Flammability Test Method for Automotive Interior Materials
HES D6501
General Test Methods for Coating
HES D6506
General Test Methods for Fabrics
HES D6507
Test Methods for Floor Carpet
HES D6508
Fogging Of Interior Materials for Automobiles
HES D6511
General Test Methods for PVC Leathercloth