Following is a list of GM specifications that Ghesquiere Plastic Testing, Inc. is able to test to:

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GM 2724M (6/12)Fiber Coating – Interior or Exterior (Paragraph 3.14)
GM 4298P (12/10)Salt Spray Test
GM 4357P
Spot Test Etch Susceptibility of Stainless Steel
GM 4465P (7/95)Water Fog Humidity Test
GM 4476P (6/97)Cass Test Copper - Accelerated Acetic Acid Salt Spray Test - Fog
GM 4486P (7/95)Test for Ozone Resistance of Elastomer Compounds
GM 4489P (6/97)Evaluating Paint Appearance and Adhesion
GM 6090M (4/89)Flammability of Materials
GM 7400MPlastics Parts
GM 7451MInterior Part Performance Requirements for Simple, Molded-In-Color Plastic Components
GM 7452MPerformance Requirements for Exterior Plastic Parts
GM 9010P (3/11)Test for Solid Content of Adhesives and Sealers
GM 9011P (7/14)Test for Cold Shock Resistance of Sealers, Deadeners and Vinyl Films
GM 9027P (9/88)Test for Staining Characteristics of Adhesives and Sealers
GM 9032P (10/88)Test for Determining Impact Strength of Plastics
GM 9033P (7/13)Colorfastness to Crocking (Rubbing)
GM 9053P (4/89)Hardness Test and Hardness Number Conversions
GM 9059P (10/88)Test for Thermal-Oxidative Stability Characteristics of Plastics
GM 9069P (9/88)Test for Resistance to Hydrogen Sulfide Staining
GM 9070P (9/11)Procedure for Testing Flammability of Materials
GM 9071P (8/02)Tape Adhesion Test for Paint Finishes
GM 9077P (9/88)Glass Content of Glass Reinforced Plastics
GM 9082P (11/88)Test for Wear Resistance of Plastics
GM 9094P (11/88)Method for Determining Melting Point of Semicrystalline Polymers By Differential Scanning Calorimetry
GM 9101P (1/13)Test for Evaluating Paint Film Distinctness of Image
GM 9102P (12/10)Corrosion Creepback Test Method
GM 9125P (7/91)Procedures for Laboratory Accelerated Exposure of Automotive Materials
GM 9126P (12/02)Test for Cleanability of Textiles and Plastics
GM 9127P (9/88)Resistance to Tuft Removal or Loop Pullout of Floor Coverings
GM 9128P (9/88)Mildew Growth
GM 9129P (7/15)Seam Strength of Automotive Materials
GM 9130P (6/15)Test for Resistance to Odor of Textiles
GM 9131P
Color Change Due to Temperature or Humidity
GM 9132P
Resistance to Raveling of Woven Textiles
GM 9133P
Resistance to Water Spotting, Finish Disturbance, Salt Staining and Discoloration
GM 9140P (4/04)Resistance to Cold Cracking of Leather and Plastic Rolled Goods
GM 9141P
Compatibility of Plastic Rolled Goods and Leather to White Vinyl and to White Leather
GM 9142P (6/15)Grain Retention of Interior Trim Materials
GM 9143P (6/15)Crazing of Vinyl Trim Materials
GM 9146P
Wicking and Blistering of Convertible Top and Roof Trim Materials
GM 9149P (6/15)Stitch Tear Resistance of Vinyl Coated Genuine Leather
GM 9150P (10/04)Resistance to Marring or Scuffing
GM 9151P (6/15)Pliability of Plastic Material
GM 9156P
Method for Determining The Soil Pick-Up and Cleanability of Vinyl Materials
GM 9160P (6/15)Topcoat Adhesion of Vinyls
GM 9194P (7/88)Binder Content of Fiberglass Substrates
GM 9198P
Migration of Oils or Dyestuffs
GM 9200P
Accelerated Aging and Steaming
GM 9207P (9/88)Fastening Strengths of Hook and Loop Tapes
GM 9210P
Adhesion of Fiber Coating
GM 9214P (9/88)
Test for The Staining of Trim Materials
GM 9215P
Test for Mildew Resistance of Paper and Wood Products
GM 9216P
Coating Adhesion of Vinyl Coated Materials
GM 9222P
Wear Resistance of Coated Genuine Leather
GM 9231P
Hydrolytic Stability
GM 9240P (9/88)
Perspiration Resistance
GM 9300P (6/01)Impact Test for Plastic Materials (Instrumented or Non-Instrumented)
GM 9302P (3/14)
Test for Stress Mark Susceptibility of Plastic Materials
GM 9303P (9/88)Mildew Resistance - Pink Stain Test
GM 9304P
Wear Resistance - RCA Wear Tester
GM 9305P (1/92)Determination of Fogging Characteristics of Automotive Interior Trim Materials
GM 9308P (7/95)Chemical Stress Resistance of Plastics
GM 9310P (9/88)Variable Surface Temperature Heat Exposure Test
GM 9317P
Water Repellency Test
GM 9327P (1/11)Exterior Weatherability of Integrally Colored Plastics
GM 9328P (11/89)Mildew Resistance - Mixed Culture Method
GM 9329P (2/03)High Temperature Humidity Aging
GM 9337P
Test Method to Determine Fiber Weight Loss and Wear On Carpet
GM 9450P
Test Procedure for Determining Water Permeability
GM 9452P (12/10)Test for Dimensional Stability
GM 9454P (7/10)Percent Asphalt Saturation of Roof Deadening Felt
GM 9500P (11/88)Gasoline Puddle Test for Gasoline Fill Areas
GM 9501P (3/972)
Gasoline Dip Test for Painted Parts
GM 9502P (11/88)
Knife Cross-Hatch Adhesion Test Procedure for Painted Elastomeric Plastic Substrates
GM 9503P (6/12)
Evaluating Brittleness of Painted Plastics and Sealants By Means of A Mandrel
GM 9504P (2/03)
Oven Aging Test Procedure for Painted Plastic Substrates
GM 9505P (10/05)
Automotive Environment Cycles (except cycle J)
GM 9506P (11/88)
Dime Scrape Test to Determine Paint Adhesion and Brittleness
GM 9507P (9/88)
Thumbnail Hardness Test for Painted Parts
GM 9508P (6/02)Chip Resistance of Coating
GM 9509P (10/12)
Solvent Rub Method for Determining Cure of Painted Metal or Plastic Substrates
GM 9511P (12/10)Scab Corrosion Creepback of Paint Systems On Metal Substrates
GM 9514P (2/03)Recommended Practice for Hot Water Immersion Testing
GM 9515P (9/88)Abrasion Resistance of Organic Coatings (Taber Abraser Method)
GM 9516P (9/88)Wear Resistance - Canvas Belt Wear Tester
GM 9517P (11/88)
Resistance to Synthetic Perspiration
GM 9518P (7/88)Determining Paint Thickness of Painted Flexible Plastic Parts
GM 9525P (9/88)Thermal Shock Test for Paint Adhesion
GM 9528P (6/11)

GM 9528P (7/94)

Impact Test Exterior Body Side Moldings
GM 9531P (6/12)
Water Jet Tests
GM 9542P (8/89)Wear Resistance of Hot Stamps and Related Products By The Falling Sand Method
GM 9689P (6/14)
Asphalt Staining Test
GM 9736P (7/88)
Sulfur Dioxide Spot Test
GM 9740P (9/88)Acrylonitrile, Styrene and Butadiene Compositions In Abs Polymers
GM 9758P (3/98)
Adhesion and Durability of Exterior Trims
GM 9758P (6/11)

GM 9774P (8/13)

Molding and Emblem Adhesion Test Pluck Resistance
GM 9795P (3/90)Adhesion and Durability of Bonded Weatherstrip - Pressure Sensitive Adhesive
GM 9797P (3/11)Cleavage Peel Test
GM 9900P (8/02)Cleaning/Solvent Resistance of Automotive Components During Normal Customer Use
GM 9902P
Noncontact Staining Measurement of Elastomer
GM 9904P (1/11)
Multi-Axial Impact Test
GME 60276
Test Method for Determining The Resistance to Odour Propagation of Trim Materials
GMN 10033
Sunscreen Lotion Resistance of Interior Coatings
GMN 10059 (4/13)Cleaning and Solvent Resistance of Weatherstrips During Normal Customer Use
GMN 3943
Scratch and Mar Resistance of Plastics, Five Arm Test
GMN 6753
Tensile Properties of Injection Molded Short Glass - Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastics for Use In Finite Element Analysis of Long Flow Length Parts
GMN 8170
Resistance to Blocking
GMW 14069 (8/05)Migration - Bleeding Resistance and Contact Stain Compatibility of PVC With Other Materials
GMW 14093
Determination of Impact Resistance of Plastic Components
GMW 14102
Determination of Water Spotting Test
GMW 14124
Automotive Environmental Cycles
GMW 14126
Resistance to Cold Crack of Folded Materials
GMW 14127
Impact Cold Crack
GMW 14130
Resistance to Marring or Scuffing
GMW 14131
Compatibility of Interior Trim Materials With Amines
GMW 14132
Resistance to Blocking
GMW 14141
Dye Migration
GMW 14148
Resistance to Loop Pullout of Floor Carpet
GMW 14162
Colorfastness to Artificial Weathering (Method D)
GMW 14296
Perspiration Resistance
GMW 14333
Resistance to Fuels of Exteriors Automotive Materials and Components
GMW 14334
Chemical Resistance to Fluids
GMW 14445
Sunscreen and Insect Repellant Resistance
GMW 14458
Copper-Accelerated Acetic Acid Salt Spray (Cass) Test
GMW 14695
Determining The Cohesive Strength of Felts and Similar Materials
GMW 14698
Scratch Resistance of Organic Coatings and Self-Adhesive Films
GMW 14700
Stone Impact Resistance of Coatings
GMW 14729
Procedures for High Humidity Test
GMW 14777
Test Method for Determining Moisture Content, Water Absorption and Thickness Swell of Fiberboards, Chipboards, Cardboard, and Similar Rigid Materials
GMW 14829
Tape Adhesion Test for Paint Finishes
GMW 14864
Procedure for Determining The Staining of Trim Materials Due to Sulfur Dioxide, So2, and Hydrogen Sulfide, H2s
GMW 15282
Corrosion/Undercutting Scribe Creepback
GMW 15377
Staining and Cleaning of Leather and Plastic Roll Goods
GMW 15651
Hook Fastener Resistance
GMW 15891
Solvent Rub Method for Determining Cure of Painted Metal or Plastic Substrates
GMW 15919
Thermal Shock Test for Paint Adhesion
GMW 16124
Mildew Resistance - Pink Stain for Plastics
GMW 16128
Mildew, Mixed Fungal Resistance – Mixed Culture Method
GMW 16190
Determination of Cantilever Sag Resistance
GMW 16745
Water Jet Tests
GMW 16746
Evaluating Brittleness of Painted Plastics By Means of A Mandrel
GMW 16862
Calcium Chloride Corrosion Resistance Test for Chrome Plated Exterior Parts
GMW 3010
Determination of Tensile and Elongation Properties
GMW 3182
Determination of Mass Per Area
GMW 3205
Determining The Resistance to Odor Propagation of Interior Materials
GMW 3208
Rotary Abrasion Test, Taber Type
GMW 3211
Resistance to Stretch and Set
GMW 3220
Laminate Bond Strength
GMW 3221
Standard Conditioning of Organic Materials
GMW 3232
Test Method for Determining The Flammability of Interior Trim Materials
GMW 3235
Fogging Characteristics of Trim Materials
GMW 3259
Mildew Resistance
GMW 3274
Pile Distortion - Mechanical
GMW 3286
Neutral Salt Spray (NSS) Test
GMW 3326
Tearing Strength of Textile Materials By Trapezoid Method
GMW 3387
Procedure for Determining Fiber Degradation of Automotive Textiles
GMW 3390
Procedure for Determining The Flexibility of Automotive Upholstery Materials
GMW 3402
Soil and Cleaner Resistance of Automotive Materials
GMW 3405
Seam Fatigue for Automobile Textiles
GMW 3431
General Procedures for Testing Switches (Paragraph
GMW 4089
Procedure for Determining Laminate Curl Properties of Foam Laminated Materials
GMW 4090
Yarn Count
GMW 4141
Pile Distortion - Environmental
GMW 4217
Dimensional Stability
GMW 4726
Water Repellent Properties of Automotive Textiles