Following is a list of ford Motor Company specifications that Ghesquiere Plastic Testing, Inc. is able to test to:

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Resistance To Fade
Flammability Of Interior Trim
FLTM AN 101-01
Resistance Of Textiles To Bleeding, Perspiration And Water Spotting
FLTM AN 102-01
Resistance Of Plastic Materials To Hydrogen Sulfide Staining
FLTM BI 004-03
Galvanic Effects On Painted Non-Metallic Exterior Parts
FLTM BI 010-02
Measurement Of Gloss Change Of Flat Enamels After Polishing
FLTM BI 102-01
Determination Of Weight Of Non-Volatile Content In Paint
FLTM BI 102-03
Accelerated Shelf Stability Test Of Paint
FLTM BI 103-01
Salt Spray Resistance Test For Painted Panels And Parts
FLTM BI 104-01
Water Immersion Test For Painted Parts And Panels
FLTM BI 104-04
Adhesion/Immersion Test
FLTM BI 106-01
Coating Adhesion Test
FLTM BI 107-02
Determination Of Cold Checking Resistance To Exterior Automotive Topcoats
FLTM BI 107-05
Thermal Shock Test For Coating Adhesion
FLTM BI 108-01
Impact Test For Painted Panels
FLTM BI 110-01
Measurement Of The Gloss Of Paint Panels
FLTM BI 111-01
Determination Of Viscosity Of Paint
FLTM BI 112-01
Sward Hardness Test For Paint Film
FLTM BI 113-01
Water And Soap Spotting Test For Paint
FLTM BI 113-02
Resistance To Acid Spotting
FLTM BI 113-03 (3/01)
Resistance To Synthetic Perspiration Staining
FLTM BI 113-05
Resistance To Acid Spotting Of Painted Test Panels Or Actual Finished Parts
FLTM BI 113-07
Resistance To Synthetic Perspiration Staining
FLTM BI 117-01
Thickness Measurement Of Paint Films
FLTM BI 120-08
Determination Of Non-Volatile Content Of Electrocoating Material
FLTM BI 151-01
Pencil Hardness Of Paint Films
FLTM BN 002-03
Flex Test For Automotive Seat Fabric Materials
FLTM BN 005-02
Shrinkage Test For Textiles
FLTM BN 012-03
Resistance Of Vinyls To Mildew ("Pink" Staining)
FLTM BN 013-07
Elongation Of An Extruded, Cored Or Uncored, Vinyl Welt Assembly Under Tensile Load
FLTM BN 014-03
Friction Test For Automotive Seat Materials
FLTM BN 015-06
Load Indentation Test For Flexible Cellular Foams
FLTM BN 017-02
Evaluation Of Automotive Trim Materials To Sunlight Degradation
FLTM BN 024-02
Flammability Test For Automotive Interior Materials
FLTM BN 102-01
Polymeric Materials - Low Temperature Flexibility (Method A)
FLTM BN 102-02
Flex Test For Polymeric Coated Fabrics, Genuine Leathers, And Woven Fabrics
FLTM BN 102-04
Determination Of Flex Fold Of Textile Trim Materials
FLTM BN 103-01
Resistance Of Coated Fabrics And Plastic Film To Migration Staining And Blocking
FLTM BN 105-01
Shrinkage Test For Textiles And Artificial Leathers
FLTM BN 105-03
Dimensional Stability Of Textile Trim Materials
FLTM BN 106-01
Determination Of Weight Per Unit Area And Density Of Trim Materials
FLTM BN 106-02
Seam Fatigue Testing
FLTM BN 107-01
Crocking Test
FLTM BN 107-02
Crocking - Instrumental Evaluation
FLTM BN 108-01
Resistance Of Textile Fabrics To Abrasion-Inflated Diaphragm Method
FLTM BN 108-02
Resistance To Abrasion - Taber Abraser
FLTM BN 108-03
Resistance To Pilling
FLTM BN 108-04
Resistance To Scuffing
FLTM BN 108-08
Determination Of Excess Flock Or Dust
FLTM BN 108-10
Crockmeter Scuff Test
FLTM BN 108-13
Resistance To Scratching
FLTM BN 108-14
Resistance To Topcoat Wear Of Leather
FLTM BN 112-01 (9/90)Soiling Test For Coated Fabrics And Plastic Sheet
FLTM BN 112-03
Degree Of Soil Transfer To Leather And Polymeric Fabric's
FLTM BN 112-08
Soiling & Cleanability Test For Interior Trim Materials
FLTM BN 113-01
Bond Strength Of Trim Assemblies
FLTM BN 113-02
Resistance To Heat Aging Of Bonded Trim Assemblies
FLTM BN 113-03
Extended Heat Aging Of Polymeric Coated Fabrics
FLTM BN 115-07
Compression Set Of Polyurethane Foam
FLTM BN 117-01
Determination Of The Effect Of Fadeometer Aging On Tensile Strength Of Sewing Threads
FLTM BN 117-03
Evaluation Of Trim Materials After Accelerated Exposure In A Controlled Irradiance Water Cooled Xenon Arc Apparatus
FLTM BN 119-01
Determination Of Seam Strength Of Textile Trim Materials
FLTM BN 120-01
Stiffness Of Fabrics
FLTM BN 121-01
Bond Strength Test - Interior Trim Decorations
FLTM BN 128-01
Resistance Of Vinyl Coated Fabrics To Cold Cracking
FLTM BN 150-04
Determination Of Tensile Strength And Elongation Of Flexible Trim Materials
FLTM BN 151-05
Determination Of 180 Degree Peel Adhesion Strength
FLTM BN 157-01
Determination Of Leather Softness
FLTM BN 158-01
Martindale Abrasion Testing Of Textile Fabrics
FLTM BN 162-01
Bally Flex Test For Automotive Seat Cover Materials
FLTM BO 006-01
Determination Of Ash Content Of Resins
FLTM BO 006-02
Determination Of Ash Content Of Molded Materials
FLTM BO 012-01
Resistance Of Polyurethane Foam To Deterioration
FLTM BO 013-02
Indentation Test For Flexible Polyurethane Foam
FLTM BO 015-03
Resistance Of Woodgrain Films To High Intensity Ultraviolet Exposure
FLTM BO 021-01
Determination Of Flow Ratio Of Polyethylenes
FLTM BO 021-02
Melting Point Determination Of Plastics Fisher-Johns Method
FLTM BO 024-02
Determination Of Moisture Content Of Nylon - Vacuum Oven Method
FLTM BO 029-03
Water Immersion - Warp Test Of Elastomers And Plastics
FLTM BO 101-01
Resistance To Artificial Weathering
FLTM BO 101-05
Determination Of Fuel Resistance Of Plastic Parts
FLTM BO 101-06
Adhesion Strength Of Coextruded Blow Molded Plastic Fuel Tank Material By T-Peel Test Method
FLTM BO 111-01
Indentation Test For Crash Pads
FLTM BO 111-02
Test For Indentation And Recovery
FLTM BO 112-06
Staining Of Trim Material Identification Markings
FLTM BO 113-03
Load Deflection Test
FLTM BO 113-04
Rolling Sphere Fatigue Test For Arm Rest And Other Intricate Trim Assemblies
FLTM BO 115-01
Plastics - Resistance To Artificial Weathering
FLTM BO 115-02
Resistance Of Plastics To Artificial Weathering
FLTM BO 116-01
Resistance To Interior Weathering
FLTM BO 116-03 (7/90)Interior Trim Fogging Characteristics
FLTM BO 117-02
Impact Test For Plastics
FLTM BO 127-03
Stress Cracking Test For Plastics
FLTM BO 129-01
Water Immersion - Dimensional Stability Of Elastomers And Plastics
FLTM BO 129-02
Water Absorption - Elastomers And Plastics
FLTM BO 130-01
Resistance Of Polymers And Adhesives To Engine Coolants
FLTM BO 131-01
Determination And Assessment Of Odor From Interior Trim Materials/Components/Assemblies
FLTM BO 131-03
Interior Odor Test
FLTM BO 151-01
Resistance To Low Temperature Impact
FLTM BO 157-01
Test For Adequate Curing Of Flexible Pvc Materials
FLTM BO 158-03
Determination Of Chemical Stress Crack Resistance Of Plastic Parts Under Mechanical Stress
FLTM BO 162-01
Resistance To Scratch And Marr
FLTM BO 163-01
Denting Test For Interior Parts With Metal Appliqués
FLTM BP 003-02
Friction Test For Weatherstrip Coatings
FLTM BP 008-03
Strength Of Adhesion Between Tube And Cover Of Open Weave Reinforced Rubber Hose
FLTM BP 008-05
Engine Coolant Immersion Test
FLTM BP 010-01
Determination Of Percent Volume Change In Buna "N" Rubber After Oil Immersion
FLTM BP 101-01
Rubber - Degradation By Ozone
FLTM BP 115-01
Copper Tarnishing By Elastomers In The Presence Of Gasoline
FLTM BP 116-01
Permanent Tensile Set Of Circular Rubber Components
FLTM BP 117-01
Polymeric Materials - High Viscosity Lubricant Compatibility
FLTM BP 153-01
Staining Of Surfaces By Polymers And Elastomers
FLTM BQ 007-02
Acid Dissolution Test For Decorative Aluminum Parts
FLTM BQ 104-02
Humidity Resistance Testing
FLTM BQ 104-07
Environmental Test Cycles
FLTM BQ 105-01
Copper-Accelerated Acetic Acid-Salt Spray Testing (Cass Test)
FLTM BS 002-01
Warp Test On Paper Board
FLTM BS 004-02
Test For Water Absorption Of Paper Board
FLTM BS 104-01
Aluminum Cylinder Head Heat-Transfer Corrosion Test
FLTM BU 001-01
Moisture Vapor Transmission Rate Of Waterproof Tape
FLTM BU 001-02
Water Penetration Rate Of Waterproof Tape
FLTM BU 105-01
Staining Test For Adhesives And Pressure Sensitive Tapes
FLTM BU 106-01
Copper Corrosion Test - Electrical Tape
FLTM BU 152-04
Cold Flexibility Of Rubber-Based Adhesives
FLTM BV 101-01
Cold Adhesion Test For Deadeners And Undercoating
FLTM BV 101-02
Cold Adhesion Test For Body Sealers
FLTM BV 101-06
Overlap Shear Adhesion Test For Adhesives And Sealants
FLTM BV 107-01
Sealer Stain Test - Plasticizer Migration
FLTM BV 150-10
Determination Of Solids And Ash Content Of Adhesives, Sealers, And Sound Deadeners
FLTM BV 150-12
Determination Of Binder Content And Fiber Diameter Of Fiber Glass Mats