Following is a list of DIN specifications that Ghesquiere Plastic Testing, Inc. is able to test to:

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DIN 50018
Sulfur Dioxide Corrosion Testing in a Saturated Atmosphere
DIN 53420
Apparent Density
DIN 53452
Flexural Test
DIN 53453
Impact Flexural Test
DIN 53455
Plastic Tensile Test
DIN 53457
Elastic Modulus by Tensile, Compression, and Bending
DIN 53479
Density (Method A)
DIN 53504
Tensile Strength at Break, Tensile Strength, Elongation at Break, and Stress Values in a Tensile Test
DIN 53505
Shore Hardness Testing A and D
DIN 53507
Tear Strength of Elastomers
DIN 53517
Compression Set After Contant Strain
DIN 53571
DIN 53577
Compression Stress Value and Compression Stress Strain Characteristics for Cellular Materials
DIN 53584
Mass of Textiles Fabrics with the exception of Knitted and Nonwoven Fabrics
DIN 53855
Thickness of Textile Fabrics
DIN 53857
Simple Tensile Test on Strips of Textile Fabrics, Woven Fabrics, and Ribbons
DIN 54001
Preparation and Use of the Gray Scale for Evaluation of Change in Color
DIN 75200
Burning Behaviour of Interior Materials in Motor Vehicles
DIN 75201
Windscreen Fogging Characteristics of Trim Materials in Motor Vehicles
Glass Reinforced Plastics. Determination of the Loss on Ignition