Following is a list of Fiat Chrysler specifications that Ghesquiere Plastic Testing, Inc. is able to test to:

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Fiat 50180
Corrosion Tests
Fiat 50417
Requirements For Non-Metallic Materials - Assessment Of The Resistance To Cracking Of Rubbers When Stretched And Exosed To An Ozone-Enriched Atmosphere
Fiat 50451/01
Accelerated Ageing In Sunlight (Method A)
Fiat 50471/01
Alternating Ultraviolent Radiation/Humidity Resistance Test
Fiat 50560
Linear Expansion Coefficient Check For Thermoset Plastics [Frozen]
Fiat 7-G2000
Determining The Resistance To Combustion Of The Non-Metallic Materials For Parts Inside Vehicle Passenger Compartment
LP463 AB-37-01
Flocked To Rubber Adhesive
LP463 CB-1-02
Adhesives (Physical Testing) Shear Strength Of Solvent Release, Pressure Sensitive Adhesives - Initial And Aged
LP463 CB-10-01
Adhesives (Physical Testing) - Heat, Humidity And Cold Aging Test For Adhesives
LP463 CB-8-01
Tensile - Shear Adhesion Of Structural Adhesives - Determination Of (Adhesives - Physical Testing)
LP463 DB-12-01
Fogging Resistance Of Interior Materials - Determination Of
LP463 DD-18-01
Five Finger Scratch Resistance Test Method
LP463 DD-4-01
Volatile Loss Of Thermoplastics
LP463 DD-6-01
Test For Plasticizer Migration From Plastic Parts To Paint Surfaces
LP463 DD-7-01
Cold Bend Tests Of Flexible Plastic Materials
LP463 DD-8-02
Plastics (Physical Chemical Testing) - Accelerated Service Temperature Tests (Hot & Cold Cycle) For Plastic Materials And Parts
LP463 KB-12-01
Fabrics (Physical Testing) - Weatherometer Test Of Automotive Type Trim Materials
LP463 KB-14-01
Bow And Skew Measurements
LP463 KB-2-01
Breaking Strength And Elongation Testing Of Soft Trim Materials
LP463 KB-21-01
Wear Resistance Of Trim Materials - Taber Method
LP463 KB-22-01
Fabrics (Physical Testing) - Tuft Lock Test For Tufted Carpets
LP463 KB-24-01
Determination Of Leather Wrinkling
LP463 KB-25-01
Fabric (Physical Testing) - Relative Stiffness In Flexure Of Automotive Trim Materials And Miscellaneous Fibrous Materials
LP463 KB-28-01-A
Cold Crack Resistance Of Soft Trim Materials
LP463 KB-28-01-B
Cold Crack Resistance Of Soft Trim Materials
LP463 KB-28-01-C
Cold Crack Resistance Of Soft Trim Materials
LP463 KB-29-01
Surface-Friction Test For Soft Trim (Superseded By Lp.7m017)
LP463 KB-3-01
Tear Strength Of Soft Trim Materials
LP463 KB-34-01
Antimicrobial Milk Test
LP463 KB-37-01
Fabrics (Physical Testing) - Resistance To Pilling And Minking Of Textile Fabrics
LP463 KB-6-01
Wear Resistance Of Soft Trim Materials
LP463 KC-04-01
Cleanability Of Interior Trim
LP463 KC-04-02
Soiling For Interior Trim
LP463 KC-04-03
Blue Dye Transfer For Interior Trim
LP463 KC-1-01
Resistance To Dye Transfer (Water Dye Test) (Superseded By Lp.7m028)
LP463 KC-15-01
Resistance To Steaming And Resistance To Water Spotting After Steaming Of Fabrics
LP463 KC-3-01
Water Spotting Resistance Of Soft Trim Materials
LP463 KC-9-01
LP463 LB-10-01
Bond Strength Of Trim Materials (Superseded By Lp.7m008)
LP463 LB-11-01
Leather (Physical Testing) - Resistance To Cold Cracking Of General Trim Materials
LP463 LB-12-01
Resistance To Humidity Hot And Cold Cycling Of Trim Materials Test
LP463 LB-13-01
Heat Aging Of Trim Materials
LP463 LB-19-01
Top Coat Adhesion Of Coated Trim Materials
LP463 LB-7-01
Leather (Physical Testing) - Mass And Thickness Determination Of Soft Trim Materials
LP463 LB-9-01
Leather And Vinyls (Physical Testing) - Flex And Fold Test Of Leather, Vinyl Coated Fabrics, And Other Trim Materials
LP463 NA-1-01
Sealers (Chemical Analysis) - Non-Volatile Material In Sealants - Determination Of
LP463 NB-13-01
Sealers (Physical Testing) - Cold Adhesion Of Sealers - Determination Of
LP463 NB-14-01
Sealers - Staining Of Paint By Sealers - Determination Of (Physical Testing)
LP463 NB-15-01
Sealers - Specific Avity And Weight Per Gallon Of Sealers (Physical Testing)
LP463 PB-11-01
Measurement Of Specular Reflection, ( Superseded By Astm-D-523)
LP463 PB-22-01
Cycle Testing Of Painted Surfaces
LP463 PB-31-01
Resistance To Various Fluids
LP463 PB-36-01
Color Heat Stability
LP463 PB-52-01
Chipping Corrosion Test
LP463 PB-54-01
Crock Mar Resistance
LP463 PB-57-02
Asphalt Staining Of Exterior Plastics - Determination Of
LP463 PB-64-01
Thermal Shock Procedure For Organic Coating Adhesion Test
LP463 PF-10938
Scratch And Mar - Resistance Of Molded-In- Color Plastic Components
LP463 TB-1-01
Solvent Resistance Of The Top Coating Of A Bonded Film
LP463 TB-10-01
Shrinkage - Pressure Sensitive Tapes And Films - Determination Of
LP463 TB-11-01
Adhesion-Bonded Moldings And Die Cast Ornaments - Determination Of (Physical Testing)
LP463 TB-12-01
Bonded Moldings And Vinyl Extrusions (Physical Testing) - Shrinkage - Determination Of
LP463 TB-13-01
Fluid Immersion Test - Tapes, Films, Bonded Moldings, And Die Cast Ornament Specimens
LP463 TB-14-01
Softening Point Of Adhesive Tapes Or Films (Physical Testing)
LP463 TB-3-01
Tapes And Films (Physical Testing) - Peel Strength And Adhesion - Determination Of
LP463 TB-9-01
Cold Impact Tests - Bonded Moldings, Die-Cast Ornaments, Nd Appliques (Physical Testing)
Flammability Testing Of Interior Materials